About Us

Our Services

We’ll help you become less dependent on the traditional utility grid through the following:

  • Energy Audits and Load analysis in order to develop strategies and mechanisms that reduce energy demand.
  • Design & installation of PV Solar Power Systems based on client needs, budget and geographical constraints.
  • Design and installation of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) for continued power supply during grid outages.
  • Energy efficiency through Green Building Design and Energy Management.
  • Linking potential system owners with access to finance.
  • Ongoing support and co-development with customers, geared toward continuous improvement.

Our Mission

  • To help you harness the abundant energy of the sun for a clean, safe, affordable, and reliable electrical supply.
  • To enable long term reduction in operating and living costs.
  • To help our clients become owners of productive capital.
  • Energy autonomy for all.

Our Principles

  • Ethical and transparent business practices at all costs. We do not engage in any transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.
  • Healthy and safe working conditions.
  • Promotion of skills development through our student in-service training programs.
  • Community upliftment programs: 5% of all profits go toward providing electrical power to underprivileged institutions that need it the most, such as schools, clinics, and small business hubs.
  • To choose collaboration over competition and understanding we are all part of a global community.
  • Consistent customer satisfaction.