PV solar installations

Industrial & Commercial - Grid-tied - Up to 1MW
Hybrid - Up to 25KW with 50kWh storage.
Residential -
Grid-tied - Up to 5kW Hybrid - Up to 8KW with 30kWh storage.

uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Industrial & Commercial - Up to 50kWh storage.
Residential -
Up to 30kWh storage.

energy audits

From Walk Through Inspections to Measurement and Verification audits for buildings from 1000m² Usable Floor Area as per National Energy Act, 1998 (Act No.34 of 1998).

smart energy metering

Installation of Energy Monitoring Systems for Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications.

energy management

Tracking and Optimizing Energy Consumption to Conserve Usage in a Building.

green building power system design

Sustainable Design of Small Power & Lighting Systems using Revit BIM Software for Accurate Building Energy and Carbon Emission Analyses Early in the Design Process.

Previous Projects

Residential, Pinetown KZN

5kW Hybrid System with 10kWh Backup

Chatsworth Centre, Durban

2kWh Hybrid System with 3.4kWh Backup

Industrial, Benoni Gauteng

Pamodzi Unique Engineering
250kW Grid-tied System